The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association is directed by a Board of Trustees. All Trustees are volunteers. By charter the Board must have ten Methodist Clergy members, ten Methodist Lay members and the remaining six members may be clergy or lay members. There are also Associate Trustees which may belong to any Christian denomination. Other categories of trustees include Emeritus and Honorary.

Board Meetings are held four times per year. There is an executive committee made up of board-elected trustees. It includes all officers (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary), all four Committee heads (Program, Development, Finance, Operations), and two "at large" members. This executive committee also meets four times per year (spaced evenly between full board meetings).

2016 OGCMA Board of Trustees

Mr. Kerry Alberti

Hon. Douglas E. Arpert, Esq.

Rev. Sony Augustin

Mr. Michael Badger

Ms. Mary Baird

Mrs. Nancy J. Baker

Rev. Jeffrey T. Bassett

Rev. Dennis Blackwell

Dr. Paul C. Booker

Mr. David Burke

Rev. Dr. Michael J. Christensen

Rev. David Cotton

Rev. James Davis

Mr. Richard E. Deetz, Esq.

Mr. Ralph delCampo

Rev. Dr. William R. Descoteaux

Rev. John DiGiamberardino

Mr. Kenneth A. Dingsor

Mr. Jeffrey Downing

Mr. Harvey H. Downing

Mrs. Nancy Ann Gillan

Mr. Jack Green

Mr. Jack R. Green

Mrs. Catherine Harrison

Mr. Peter F. Herr

Mr. Philip C. Herr II, Esq.

Rev. Dr. Lewis J. Hiserote

Mr. Roy Johannessen

Major Daniel Miles

Rev. Beth Whalley Mitchell

Dr. Anna C. Nichols

Mr. Stephen P. Quigg

Rev. Walter A. Quigg

Rev. Dr. Ron Sager

Mr. Charles F. Schirmeister, Esq.

Rev. Dr. Harold E. Schmul

Mr. John R. Shaw

Mr. David M. Shotwell, Sr.

Rev. Doug Smith

Ms. Judy B. Soltis

Miss Audrey Sustmann

Rev. Joseph George Tiedemann

Rev. Dr. Richard Twidle

Dr. Dale C. Whilden

Mr. Charles Whiteman

Mr. Henry C. Will, IV