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December 5, 2017 Newsletter

Please Join Us for Our Upcoming Events

Thursday, December 7

Honoring those who served our country, we will gather on the pier at 11 AM for Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance.

Saturday, December 9

Victorian Holiday Festival 

10 AM - 4 PM:

  • Ladies Auxiliary Christmas Boutique
    • This event will take place in the OGCMA Community Room, at 54 Pitman Avenue. (Entrance next door to Pathway Market.)
    • Don’t miss this opportunity for great bargains on new and used
      • holiday decor
      • jewelry
      • dishes
      • gift items 
    • All items are sold for cash only.
  • Inns, Homes and Tents on Tour
    • There is a charge of $30 per person to participate in this self-guided tour.
    • For details, see the text at the bottom of this flyer.
  • Complimentary Jitney service around town
  • Ocean Grove Historical Society Open House featuring holiday bell ringers & gift boutique

5 PM: Live Nativity Christmas Pageant in the Great Auditorium (free; unheated)

6 PM: Christmas Tree Lighting and Caroling in Auditorium Park (free; outdoors)

Click here for the Chamber of Commerce's Victorian Holiday Festival flyer.

Sunday, December 10

10 AM - 2 PM:

  • Ladies Auxiliary Christmas Boutique in the OGCMA Community Room (see above)

12 PM - 3 PM:

  • Inn Tours continue (see notes above; homes not included on Sunday)

Saturday, December 16

3 – 4 PM:

  • Traditional Carols at St. Paul’s UMC

Saturday, December 23

  • Luminary Night on Main Avenue and Pilgrim Pathway
  • Canned food drive in support of St. Paul’s Food Pantry

Sunday, December 24

Christmas Eve at St. Paul’s, 80 Embury Ave:

  • 8:53 AM — Acoustic Christmas
  • 10:53 AM — Hymns & Carols
  • 4 PM — Amplified Christmas
  • 8 PM — Choral Christmas
  • 11 PM — Unplugged Christmas


The Lights of Ocean Grove

Fridays and Saturdays through December 30th

5 PM - 9 PM

Join your friends and neighbors as the Ocean Grove Area Chamber of Commerce hosts the first ever “The Lights of Ocean Grove” Holiday Light Walking Tour! Maps of participating homes will be given out by the Chamber of Commerce (81 Main Avenue, Ocean Grove) and several downtown stores.


Ocean Grove 2018 Beach Badges on Sale

Full-season beach badges for 2018 can be purchased from the Camp Meeting Association office at 54 Pitman Avenue during business hours.

Early Bird pricing for regular adult badges ($75 each) is available through May 19, 2018.  After that date, the price will be $80.

Youth Season Badges cost $40 each and Senior Citizen Season Badges cost $45 each.


Global Leadership Summit

Give the gift of leadership this Holiday Season

The 2017 Global Leadership Summit was transformative, inspiring and uplifting. Attendees were empowered to lead and encouraged to walk in the knowledge that Everyone Has Influence.

We invite all past participants to join the dialogue. Please share your impressions and ideas with us on our Slack server. Contact for an invitation.

Leaders Look Forward and Prepare for What is to Come

The 2018 Global Leadership Summit Live Telecast will be held Thursday, August 9 through Friday, August 10, 2018.

Register, mark your calendars and join us for an exciting time of learning, fellowship and networking!


In the News

Pilot Parking Permit Program

The Neptune Township workshop to discuss the Pilot Parking Permit Program, scheduled for November 27th, was postponed due to overcrowding of the original venue. It has been rescheduled for 6 PM Monday, December 18th in the Neptune High School Performing Arts Center on Neptune Blvd.

Though we acknowledge there are indeed parking problems in Ocean Grove during the summer months, the Camp Meeting Association firmly believes that the current proposal will have negative impacts on tourism, businesses, beach attendance, program attendance, seasonal resident parking and even year-round resident parking.

If your schedule permits your attendance, please come to the December 18th meeting and express your concerns. Furthermore, it is not too late to call or email the Neptune Township Committee members and public officials in support of the CMA position.


Employment Opportunities

We are currently seeking candidates for Summer 2018 employment opportunities in the following areas:

Maintenance / Custodial Support Team Member

Interns for Youth Ministry

For details about both opportunities, please visit http://www.oceangrove.org/employment .


The Miracle of Christmas

Our friends at St. Paul's still have a few tickets for their two-bus trip to see "The Miracle of Christmas" at Sight & Sound Theatre in Ronks, Pennsylvania.  To reserve, call Martha at 732-775-6688.

Here are the details:

Departure: 9:30 AM on Wednesday, December 13th, from near the tennis courts on Broadway in Ocean Grove
Lunch: All-you-can-eat smorgasbord buffet lunch at Hershey Farm Restaurant next door to the theater.  The restaurant has shops and a bakery.
The show: The performance begins at 3 PM.  It runs approximately 2 1/2 hours.
Return: The buses typically do not stop en route; there are bathrooms on both buses.
Pricing: The cost of $110 per person includes coach bus travel, all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, great tickets ('orchestra-like' area seating), taxes and gratuity for the waitresses and bus drivers. 


Reflection: Away in the Manger

by John DiGiamberardino

Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,
The little Lord Jesus laid down His sweet head.
The stars in the sky looked down where he lay;
The little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay.

This carol describes Jesus being born in a manger.  It was not born in a manger as we have marketed in our culture today.   A manger is a feeding trough for animals.  It was the place they would place hay and grain and scraps for the horses, cows, and other animals to eat.

It was in this place that Jesus was placed as a baby.  So the line no crib for a bed is a major reflection of the lowly estate into which Jesus was born. Very likely it was outside or at best a cave dug out of the rocky hillside.  Jesus entered into this world the same way as we do, as a baby.

This enables Him to relate to every human being who ever lived.  You see in every religion there is major disconnect between the creator and the creation.  Jesus’ birth makes us understand that God understands us.  This is only true in Christianity. The Son of God, the way into a relationship to God, a way is born in a manger.

The cattle are lowing; the Baby awakes,
But little Lord Jesus no crying He makes.
I love Thee, Lord Jesus; look down from the sky,
And stay by my cradle til morning is nigh.

This is a very interesting verse because it sounds so sweet.   But have you ever known a baby that never cried? I believe Jesus cried as a baby.   I have heard the joke that only person who likes change is a baby and even then they cry about it.  I wonder if our complaining about change as adults, is a carry over of us still being a baby.

He was wrapped in cloths. This was a sign of this social and economic status of Joseph and Mary.  They had no money.  They would never have any money.  They had no home….they were country hicks to the world around them.

The song takes a personal turn in the next line.  And stay by my cradle until morning is nigh.  It is a personal request for Jesus to be near, to stay close by while we sleep. 

Be near me, Lord Jesus; I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever, and love me I pray.
Bless all the dear children in thy tender care,
And fit us for heaven, to live with Thee there.

This is a prayer we hope all of our children will pray.  It is a prayer hopefully all of us have prayed.  It is not only a prayer about me but about other children.  It is prayer of blessing upon them. 

The last line of this carol is the application.  And fit us for heaven, to live with Thee there.  The purpose of Jesus coming into the world was to make us right before God.  We cannot make ourselves right, we need Jesus.  These bodies were not made to last forever but our souls are going to.  What are 70, 80, 90 even 100 years, when compared to the trillion of years our souls will live?  This life is preparation for that.

Are you fit for heaven?  Have you allowed God to forgive you through Jesus Christ, the baby in the manger?  Do you know that heaven is going to be your home?  That is why Jesus came.

Jesus came to fit us for heaven. To make us ready, to make us right.  Are you ready?  Are you right with God?  


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