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January 10, 2018 Newsletter

Upgrades around Ocean Grove

The New Tabernacle Doors Are In

Two pairs of doors on the Bishop Janes Tabernacle have been refurbished thanks to the generous fund-raising efforts of the Ocean Grove Ladies Auxiliary on behalf of the Camp Meeting Association. Thanks, Ladies!


Boardwalk Replacement

Exciting news regarding our boardwalk:  Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association has begun a greater than one million dollar reconstruction project for the north end boardwalk area from McClintock Street to Seaview Avenue. The OGCMA continues to invest in making the award winning Ocean Grove beachfront the best place for everyone to enjoy. The project will begin in early January with a targeted completion of no later than May 2018.

As the project proceeds, we'll post pictures at www.oceangrove.org/boardwalk-replacement.



Ad Placement in the Summer Program Guide

Our 2017 Cover

There is still some space available in the advertisers section of the 2018 Summer Program Guide.  The Program Guide is the little booklet you see around town -- a convenient reference to our worship, ministry and entertainment schedules that also offers a handy town map.  It's useful all season long, guaranteeing that visitors see sponsors' ads frequently throughout the summer and beyond. 

If you're a merchant who might be interested in participating, or know one who would, please contact Natalie, our Program Director, at 732-775-0035 x 108 or by email at natalie@oceangrove.org. 




Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 28: Priscilla Shirer Simulcast

The Priscilla Shirer Simulcast brings women together from all walks of life for a day of teaching, prayer and worship.

We'll meet in the Youth Temple to participate in this one-day high definition simulcast that focuses on the power of prayer and learning to study God's Word for ourselves. The event begins at 9 AM and ends at 4:35 PM.  There will be multiple breaks.


Worship Leader Anthony Evans

The simulcast will also feature Anthony Evans leading us in worship.

To register, please click here.



August 9 & 10: Global Leadership Summit

The 2018 Global Leadership Summit Live Telecast will be held Thursday, August 9 through Friday, August 10, 2018.  Register, mark your calendars and join us in the Ocean Grove Youth Temple for an exciting time of learning, fellowship and networking!




Ocean Grove 2018 Beach Badges on Sale

Full-season beach badges for 2018 can be purchased from the Camp Meeting Association office at 54 Pitman Avenue during business hours.

Early Bird pricing for Adult Season Badges ($75 each) is available through May 19, 2018.  After that date, the price will be $80.

Youth Season Badges cost $40 each and Senior Citizen Season Badges cost $45 each.




Employment Opportunities

We are currently seeking candidates for Summer 2018 employment opportunities in the following areas:

Maintenance / Custodial Support Team Member

Interns for Youth Ministry

For details about both opportunities, please visit http://www.oceangrove.org/employment .





by John DiGiamberardino

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13

Philippians 4:13 is one of my favorite Bible verses.  It was one of the first verses I memorized as a child.  There have been many times when it came to mind and helped me remember that God is with me, helping me.  For example:  when I went away to college, my first day as a public school teacher, serving as pastor at my first church and the second and the third and the fourth.  Even when I started in this position as Executive Director of the Camp Meeting.

This verse has a lot to think about.  “I can”  Ask yourself, can I?  “Do all things – through Christ”  Ask yourself, are there things I can’t do?  Is there anything Christ can’t do? “Who strengthens me.”  Ask yourself, how does Christ strengthen me?

There is a classic children’s story called “The Little Engine that Could.” It goes something like this…

The boys and girls in the town on the other side of the big mountain were waiting for the train to bring them their toys. But to get to the town, you had to go up, up, up the mountain and then down, down, down the other side. Not an easy thing to do. When the train with the toys came to the last stop before the mountain, the engine broke. What to do? The engineer went looking for another engine to carry the train with the toys over the mountain to the boys and girls on the other side.
So he went to the roundhouse and talked to several engines but no one was interested. One big shiny engine said he only carried passenger trains. The big diesel locomotive didn’t want to bother with a load of toys. One by one all the big engines said no. Then from a corner came a voice, “I’ll do it.” It was a little switch engine. “I’ll do it. I’ll carry the train with the toys over the mountain to the boys and girls on the other side.” “But you’re much too small.” “I’m willing to give it a try.”
So they hooked the little engine up to the train with the toys. And that’s where the drama begins. The little engine began to gather steam for its climb up the mountain. Chug, chug, chug. As it gathered speed, the little engine that could began to say to itself, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can,” each time a little faster than before. Up the mountain it went—"I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” At last, straining with every ounce of energy, the train cleared the crest and started down the other side. In the distance the children could see the train coming and they were cheering and waving and dancing with delight. Down the mountain comes the train—chug, chug, chug—with the little engine saying to itself, “I thought I could. I thought I could. I thought I could.”

The story of the “Little Engine That Could” is charming and encouraging, but it is not entirely biblical. There are two important differences between the story and this passage from Philippians. In the story the little engine said, “I think I can.” But Paul was saying, “I know I can.” What makes the difference? The little engine was relying on its own power to get over the mountain. But we have available to us the resources of an infinite God. That’s the difference between “I think” and “I know.”

You may have some mountains in front of your in 2018.  It may be a marital mountain or a financial mountain or a career mountain or a health mountain.  The mountain will feel so high and steep, so forbidding, that you are tempted to give up without even trying.

If you stay hooked up with Jesus Christ, you can climb any mountain in 2018.   Can you really do “all things” in 2018? Through and with Christ you can.

See you around the Grove!

John DiGiamberardino

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