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The seaside community where all generations can know and grow in Jesus.

The mission of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, rooted in its Methodist heritage, is to provide opportunities for spiritual birth, growth, and renewal through worship, education, cultural and recreational activities in a Christian seaside setting.



July 27th & 28th - 7:30pm

Teen Show - Pilgrim Pathway

Original Play - The Youth Temple

 Go HERE for tickets.


July 27th - 9:00pm

PrayerSong: 30 Minutes of Time With God

Bishop Janes Tabernacle


July 29th - 8:00pm

Sidewalk Prophets
Reserved Seating $35 - General Admission $25

“It’s not easy for any of us to do what God has called us to do, to go make disciples of the world,” says lead singer Dave Frey. However, fourteen years on, all that work has carried their music and their collective hearts for the Lord to the upper reaches, but more importantly has earned the affection and respect of a growing legion of fans. audiences worldwide.



July 30th - 10:30am

Worship Services in the Great Auditorium

Rev. Dr. Michael Youssef

Children's Church - Ages 4-7 & 8-11 10:15am - Youth Temple

Nursery - Ages 6 months - 3 years - 10:15am - Lower Level Youth Temple 


July 30th - 7pm

Worship Services in the Great Auditorium

Rev. Dr. Steve DeNeef

July 30th - August 1st - Steve DeNeef

Bible Hour 9am

Bishop Janes Tabernacle




August 2nd - 5th - Rev. Dr. Duggy Robbins

Bible Hour 9am

Bishop Janes Tabernacle


Children and Teen Programs

Breakfast Club - Ages 12-17 Monday - Friday 9-10am - Boardwalk Pavilion

Free Style - Ages 12-17  Tuesday and Thursday - 7-9pm - Youth Temple 

Riptide - Ages 8-11 Monday - Friday 9-11am - Youth Temple

Thornley Chapel - Ages 3 1/2 -7 Monday - Friday 9-10am - Thornley Chapel 


Ladies, Join Us Under the Umbrella

August 7 at 7:00pm

Bring your own beach chair and a friend and look for the pink striped umbrellas at one of our two locations:  Main Avenue Beach or The Hub Courtyard for a relaxing time of fun, friendship and a focus on God! Small group discussions open to all women.  Rain location for July sessions at the Bishop Janes Tabernacle.


Beach Activities

OG Recreation

Main Avenue Beach

Monday- Friday 

2:30pm - 3:30pm - Ages 5-12



July 31st - 6:00pm 

Lifeguard Tournament - North End Beach


August 1st - 9:00am

Registration opens at 8am

Dave Mitchell, Jr. Memorial Lifeguard Tournament - North End Beach


How did Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Ministries bless you?

Let us know how one of the ministries has blessed you or your family this summer.  Email me at john@oceangrove.org and share your story. 



Love does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, it not proviked, thinks no evil;
I Corinthians 13:5


By John DiGiamberardino

Paul finished describing the importance of doing things with the attitude or motivation of LOVE.  Then he defines the meaning of love.  He says, Love is patient, love is kind.  This isn’t just patient with circumstances.  This is patience in our relationships, patience with people.  It comes from the Greek word makrothumos.  It means learning to be patient.  It has to do with anger.

When was the last time you got angry and why?

Most people deal with anger in one of two ways. You are either a skunk or a turtle.  A skunk is the one who, when an argument occurs, you sort of spew.  Everybody in the room knows how you feel.  You stink up the place, and you want everybody to know.  Then there are some who are turtles.  When the bad times come, your head goes right back in the shell. Neither of those ways work.  Both are not good.

James 1:19 says, “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” 

Notice we are not told not to get angry.  Anger is a natural emotion. But we have to be careful in how we express that anger both physically and in the words we use.

Here is my advice if you find yourself getting angry too often.  First , turn your worries over to God.  Speak to someone about why you are worried.  Tell them why you are anxious.  Talking it out/praying it out has more benefit than we realize.

Second, get some rest.  Sometimes when we get angry it is simply because we are tired.  Go take a nap. Then get up and have a nice meal.

My father had an interesting philosophy that I did not necessarily agree with but understood.  He would say, “People are rotten.”  If you expect people to be rotten you will never be disappointed.

I think what he was trying to say is that you need to have realistic expectations.  Everyone is generally selfish by nature.  That is why we need the Holy Spirit to help us love as God called us to love.

Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
Love doesn’t strut,
Love doesn’t have a swollen head

Take time today to talk to someone about what is upsetting you.  Pray to God about it.  Get some rest and have a nice meal.  Then reflect and think on how you can be more loving to others.

Hope to see you around town!

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