Lessons from Sea Stories in the Bible

Archeologist and educator Dr. James Fleming will return to Ocean Grove in August 2019 to offer another unforgettable lecture series in the Community Room. Sermon and study topics to be discussed will include:

  1. The unusual Theology of the Sea

  2. The Meaning of Redemption through the Red Sea

  3. The Two Great Fears of Antiquity:

    • the Depths of the Sea

    • the Depths of the Earth

  4. Lessons from the Galilee Fishing Stories in the Gospels

  5. Physical and Spiritual and Stories of Refuge around the Dead Sea

  6. The Importance of the Major Mediterranean Harbors and Ports in the Book of Acts

  7. Lessons from the Mediterranean Storm at Sea in Acts 27

  8. Galilee Fishermen who became Apostles to the Ends of the Earth

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