Greeting from the President

The Smiles of Perpetual Summer

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Walking from the beach toward the Great Auditorium, you approach the stately statue of Rev. Dr. Ellwood H. Stokes, first president of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association. You might be curious to know the aim of Rev. Stokes and the other trustees who founded Ocean Grove one hundred and fifty years ago. They prayed fervently that God’s Square Mile would refresh visitors through holy living and wholesome recreation.

President Stokes wrote,

Religion and recreation should go hand in hand. If the pleasures sought are such as religion cannot sanction, they will hinder, rather than promote our joy. Separated, religion will become morose, and recreation sinful. Blended, both are beautiful. It was this thought that suggested Ocean Grove. We aim to provide legitimate recreation for the body and by bringing the heart into harmony with God, introduce the smiles of perpetual summer of the soul.

(Circa 1896)

The Camp Meeting Association, during its sesquicentennial, provides an unprecedented number of religious services, youth programs, and musical attractions. Healthful options include an award winning beachfront, tennis, shuffleboard, choir, and scenic walks. Celebrate the 150th Anniversary with an exuberant parade, brilliant fireworks, historic reenactments, revival preaching and prayer, open air music, a Victorian Day, and more activities throughout the summer. Each opportunity has been carefully planned and prayed about to ensure the body and the heart can be in harmony with God.

So make plans to experience “the smiles of perpetual summer” by visiting Ocean Grove – the Seaside Community Where All Generations Can Know and Grow in Jesus.

Michael J. Badger
President, OGCMA