The Auditorium Choir


The Auditorium choir is open to all singers without audition. We welcome you to join us any time you are in Ocean Grove during the summer. For Sunday Services, we rehearse briefly about 9 pm Friday night after the Festival/Sacred Concert rehearsal and then on Sunday morning at 9 am. 
We will resume rehearsals June 7, 2019. Rehearsals are held in the Auditorium, at 7:30 PM on Fridays starting June 7th and Tuesdays starting June 18.

Choir Festival is July 14, 2019 and Sacred Concert is August 25, 2019.


Rehearsals: It often is warm in the choir loft, so dress comfortably and sensibly!  
Sunday morning services: Neat, casual attire is fine, but please do not wear shorts.
Sunday evening services:  Casual ok, shorts ok if worn with a Hawaiian shirt
Concert Dress: Ladies: white dress or white top and black bottom. Men: white long or short sleeved shirts, dark tie, dark pants. 

Always - love thy neighbor! Please refrain from wearing perfume or other scented products for rehearsals, services, and events; allergies to these products would make it difficult for some to sing.

Special note: no knapsacks or large bags are permitted in the Great Auditorium, and no liquids except water are allowed in the choir loft.

Choir Festival 2019 — On Christ the Solid Rock

We hope you'll join us singing in the 65th annual choir festival. 

Reminder: Rehearsal Friday, July 5 will be across the street in the air-conditioned Youth Temple.

Festival Registration

The following registration materials were mailed 3/22: 

New this year: you can register online here:


Festival Music

Festival music can be ordered online from (click here:) JW Pepper (note, music supplier is different this year).   

There is no packet, just order the individual pieces you need.  You may also place an order by phone at (800) 345-6296. 

All pieces may now be ordered; the Juneau may take 1-3 weeks to be delivered.

Note that The Pilgrim's Hymn is TTBB and Lift Thine Eyes is SSAA, so you may prefer not to order the piece not relevant to your part.  

A Youtube playlist has been set up for the Festival anthems.

Each choir member should now have 9 pieces of music (10 if you have both the Wagner and the Mendlessohn).  If you are missing any, please come a little early to rehearsal, enter through the choir entrance and tell the librarians what you need.   We can loan you music until yours arrives from J.W. Pepper.  


Composer/ arranger



At the Name of Jesus

Rene Clausen

Mark Foster Music Co.

Top of page 7 – large ritard, watch conductor; all breath marks should be ¼ rests if possible, 1/8th if not; “gladness” and “sadness” vowel is “ah” – British

God of Ages, God Eternal

Thomas Juneau

Golden Path Publishing p. 9-11 – quartet will sing, choir tacet; p. 8,14, altos and basses divide when there are 3 notes

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Nathan Carter

GIA pub. Inc.

Soloist starts. Meas. 69 – mezzo-forte first time thru, forte second time thru. Meas. 95 to end, Monica only on B-flats. Meas. 95 – move “ful” to meas. 96 as directed.

I Believe

Mark Miller

Choristers guild

Jacob's Ladder

Calvin Hampton


Measures 65-80 – some voices from each part take the top line melody

Lift Thine Eyes to the Mountains "Elijah"



Sop 2 and Alto 1 take middle line.

No Time

Susan Brumfield

Colla Voce

Bright, shape note sound. Precise dotted notes. Meas. 23-25, stress 4th beat. Meas. 27-8 cresc. No dipthong on “oh”.P. 8-12 swell notes 2 or more beats. Last 3 meas some alto 1 take bottom sop note. Meas. 34-38, tenor/bass instead of S/A. In meas. 23-25, “No time to tarry here (breath), No time to wait for you (breath) No time to tarry here (breath) “

Pilgrim's Chorus from "Tannhauser"

Richard Wagner


The Ground

Ola Gjello

Walton Music

Breathe on commas. Meas. 58 ritard. Final “pacem” closes to “mmm” when directed. “Daw nah” not “Dough-nah” for Dona.

Upon This Rock

John Ness Beck


Quartet will do meas. 66-93. P. 9: “prih-vail” not “pree-vail”. Meas. 103, drop final 1/8 note. P. 12 breathe after each Amen. Last bar drop to mp and then cresc to end.



We strongly encourage you to join with church choirs near you to bring a bus to the Festival.   You can see the choirs that participated in the 2018 Festival on the following map:





Memorial United Methodist Church
101 S. Hess St.
Quarryville, PA
Lancaster Co., PA Wednesday 7-8 pm
May 29-July 12
Tom Berdos
via Facebook
Clarum Sonum
Boonton Elks Lodge
125 Cornelia St.
Boonton, NJ
Morris Co., NJ Sunday 7:30-9:30
June 16 – July 7
Rider Foster
via Facebook

First United Methodist Church
865 Main St.
Phoenixville, PA

Chester Co, PA

Thursdays 7:30-9 pm
starting May 2

Keith Trievel
Keith Trievel on facebook
A bus will also be running to the Festival from the Phoenixville church. Contact Keith Trievel if you'd like a ride.
Cornerstone Christian Church
495 Wyckoff Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Bergen Co, NJ Weds, 7:30-9:00 pm
June 5 - July 10
plus TBA week of July 7.
Laura Jackson

First Memorial Presbyterian Church
51 W. Blackwell St.
Dover, NJ 07801

Morris County, NJ

Tuesdays, 7 pm 

Henry Repp

First United Methodist Church
111 Ryerson Ave.
Newton, NJ 07860
Sussex County, NJ Wednesdays, 7 pm

Henry Repp


Delaine Terpening Sarraf's collection of Festival ribbons