The Auditorium Choir



The Auditorium choir is open to all singers without audition. We welcome you to join us any time you are in Ocean Grove during the summer. For Sunday Services, we rehearse briefly about 9 pm Friday night after the Festival/Sacred Concert rehearsal and then on Sunday morning at 9 am. 
We will resume rehearsals June 8, 2018, and the first Sunday in the Auditorium is June 10, 2018.

Choir Festival is July 8, 2018 and Sacred Concert is August 26, 2018.

Choir Festival Registration materials are posted further down on this page.




Rehearsals: It often is warm in the choir loft, so dress comfortably and sensibly!  
Sunday morning services: Neat, casual attire is fine, but please do not wear shorts.
Sunday evening services:  Casual ok, shorts ok if worn with a Hawaiian shirt
Concert Dress: Ladies: white dress or white top and black bottom. Men: white long or short sleeved shirts, dark tie, dark pants. 

Always - love thy neighbor! Please refrain from wearing perfume or other scented products for rehearsals, services, and events; allergies to these products would make it difficult for some to sing.

Special note: no knapsacks or large bags are permitted in the Auditorium, and no liquids except water are allowed in the choir loft. 


Sacred Concert Music Notes

Call for Sunday's dress rehearsal is 2:30 pm.

Please bring a black folder for your music.

The Auditorium Choir will have approximately 120 copies of the music available for loan.  Pick one up at the Choir Entrance at any rehearsal.   If you prefer to buy your music, be sure to get the correct versions noted below. 

If you picked up music and have decided not to sing in the concert, please return music!

Title Composer/Arranger Publisher
Practice link
Music notes
1. We Stand on a Rock Gwyneth Walker ECS Publishing p. 4 “beah” not “bearrr”; p. 30 “ouah” not “ourr”;
meas. 43-44- legato; rounded “oh” as in Minnesota';
ritard may start in 79; insert eight rest after each “rock”.
2. Glorious Things Gwyneth Walker ECS Publishing “Klorious” not “Glorius”, “Klor-rih” not “Glor-ee”
5. Abide With Me Gwyneth Walker ECS Publishing p. 9 - “stan” not “stand”; p. 12 “shawn” not “shine”; p. 13 “eyez” not “eyes”. “Changez not” not “Change snot”
6. Where Moses Stood Gwyneth Walker ECS Publishing Meas. 75, alto line, change both B-flats to A-flat;
meas. 77 - “Nah” instead of “No”.
Start ritard at meas. 79. “Mawn” not “Mourrrrn”
Gloria - overall notes John Rutter Oxford As in most British pieces, drop all eighth  notes hanging over on the next measure.  Letter “t” should be softer, dentil sound, almost “d”
Gloria – Part I John Rutter Oxford Generally, “egg shell seas” not “eck shell sis” except meas. 251 where we want “eh shell”.  Meas. 219 & 231 – shorten “O” to 1/8, insert 1/8 rest.
Gloria – Part II John Rutter Oxford
“Chrih-steh” not “Chree-Stayee”. No breath between “Domine” & “Deus”,“Agnus” and “Dei”, and “Rex” and “caelestis”  throughout. “No-bis” - “No” as in “Minnesota” and “bihs” not “bees”  
Gloria – Part III John Rutter Oxford
“Yezhu” not “Geezu”. Meas. 22 – lightly.  No break between “quoniam” and “tu”, and “Dominus” and “tu”


Delaine Terpening Sarraf's collection of Festival ribbons