Reflecting back on my years as a child attending Thornley Chapel, I was always amazed as to why we were singing a song about the wise man building a house on a rock, when we lived on sand at the beach.  As I matured, I learned about metaphors.  It became clear that in Ocean Grove, our Rock is the tremendous legacy that was left to us by the past saints over the years. Please join me in giving your “time, talent and tithe” so that we can continue this wonderful ministry for all generations to come. 

Jack R. Green
Development Committee Chair


Worship Programs

Sunday Worship

Great Auditorium worship each Sunday is an uplifting time of praise, preaching, and music that is at the very heart of the Camp Meeting experience. 

Pavilion Praise

Pavilion Praise is an informal and contemporary praise and worship event for the entire family. Presented in partnership with St. Paul’s UMC, Ocean Grove. 

Please support our worship and praise services with one or more of the following gifts:

Bible Hour

A Monday through Saturday tradition that is as historic as the Camp Meeting itself.  Gather for song, prayer, and serious Bible study guided by some of the leading teachers of our day. Please support Bible Hour with the following gifts to Bible Hour:


Children and Youth


Our Children and Youth Ministry is growing every year.  Our Youth Department provides quality staff and leadership to help your young people know and grow in Jesus.  Please support the OGCMA Youth Department.  For more information, have a look at the Youth page on this site.




Fine music is among the proudest and strongest traditions at Ocean Grove.  Planning, coordinating, and performing both vocal and instrumental music are major components in the life of the Camp Meeting.  The soloists, Songs on a Summer Afternoon, Organ Concerts, and Christian Concerts, are all part of the Camp Meeting Ministries.  Music gifts will help fund professional salaries, music, and supplies for worship music.

Music is one of God’s gracious gifts.  Please support the Music Ministry. 

The Sacred Concert

The Auditorium Choir presents an evening concert directed by Dr. Jason Tramm and featuring the Auditorium Choir and our resident soloists.  Gifts are used to defray the orchestra expense.




The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association has a passion for programs, and our facilities provide the venue for those programs.  If the Great Auditorium, The Bishop Janes Tabernacle, the Youth Temple, Thornley Chapel, Grove Hall and/or the Boardwalk Pavilion hold a special place in your heart, donations can be made to maintain our facilities.  

Special Facility Projects

Every year we strive to improve our facilities with specific improvements.  Please check with our Development Office for any of our current facility projects. 


The Heritage Society


The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association has established the Heritage Society as a means to promote, attract, and secure gifts to help sustain the Camp Meeting for years to come.  The Heritage Society will recognize gifts, in any amount, that come to the Association as the result of a gift by will (bequest) or planned/deferred gift.  These planned/deferred gifts may include charitable gift annuities (minimum gift of $25,000), charitable trusts of various kinds or gifts of life insurance.  Certain planned or deferred gifts can provide a life income to the donor and spouse or other beneficiary.

For more information about making a donation and planned / deferred giving, contact our development office at 732-775-0035 x114.

The Camp Meeting is deeply grateful for every gift. 


Auditorium Memorial Cross Lighting


You can be a part of keeping it shining through a designated contribution!

Ocean Grove is appreciative of your support in sustaining this memorial tradition.

For available dates and donation amount, please contact Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association by clicking here or by calling 732-775-0035, extension 114.



Fred, Virginia & Kim Long


David A. Mooij


Lorraine Kimmel


June & Emmet White

2-22 - 2/28

Jane Bartholomew


Helen & Wayne Miller
Ruth & Forman Bailey

3/22 - 3/28

James Charles Gray

Helen Wegge Ham


Samuel H Rogers Jr.


Honor a loved one with a
Memorial Bench Plaque

Honor someone with a memorial plaque to be placed on a

bench in Ocean Grove either on the boardwalk or on Ocean Pathway.


Here's how -- It's simple.....

Notify OGCMA Development Office with your desire to apply for a Memorial Bench Plaque.  The price for your plaque to be placed on a bench is $1,500.00.  You will be sent a Bench Plaque Application with the policy information.

Thank you for choosing to honor your loved one with a memorial bench plaque and contributing to the aesthetic beauty of Ocean Grove.

Please contact Sharyn at the Development Department by clicking here or by calling 732-775-0035 X 114.