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The Hub

HUB:  "noun ... center, heart, focus, core, middle, focal point, pivot, 
center of activity or interest;a focal point around which events revolve"

THE HUB in Ocean Grove is your place to 

SHOP : Great Christian Books, Gifts, Journals, Devotionals, Home Decor, Children's items and so much more!

LEARN : About Ocean Grove. As the information center and welcome center for the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting we are waiting to answer all of your questions.

GATHER : Adults are welcome to visit in our cozy coffee room and children can enjoy our play area

You can also:

  • Receive tourist information

  • Learn about the Spiritual History of Ocean Grove

  • Pray - leave a prayer on our prayer wall or feel free to ask us to pray for you!

  • Watch historical videos on Ocean Grove

  • Grab a cold water, ice tea and snack

  • Attend book signings and other special events



For information and updates:


For directions:

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